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2012 Data in Review

Every season presents unique challenges.  2012 was an interesting year for me.  I was coming off a significant injury with a broken collarbone in October 2011.  I started a new job in January, and was presented new challenges finding time … Continue reading

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If you’ve been wondering why the blog was so slow lately, it turns out I hit the offseason a little quicker than I expected.  I cut my hand badly and couldn’t race for a weekend. Before I knew it I … Continue reading

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Why I Do It

I’ve been meaning to write a post describing what I like about the big races, but have had trouble finding the perspective I was looking to describe.  I received this question via Twitter today, and figured I’d post my response … Continue reading

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US Postal / Armstrong / USADA Investigation: My Thoughts

Some folks have been quite surprised with the allegations against Lance Armstrong (and subsequently many others close to him) this summer.  But for those of us who have been listening to the skeptics for the past seven years weren’t too … Continue reading

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USGP Preview

The US Grand Prix of Cyclocross is the de-facto national championship series.  It is the most important series on the calendar.  All the races are UCI (International) ranked, and each weekend has one C1 ranked race.  The only ranking a … Continue reading

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The Saga of CrossVegas 2012, Part 1

Note: I wanted to write the post before the race but I was just too busy working four of the six days before the race.  I’m writing this after the race and will write part 2 later in the week. … Continue reading

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Spectating the USA Pro Challenge

If you haven’t had the chance to watch a top level pro stage race, DO IT!  I’m a huge fan of watching racing on TV (or the internet), but seeing the race in person is an entirely different experience.  Road … Continue reading

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